Winter, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne vs Miss Tessmacher, Tara & Mickie James

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28 Responses to “Winter, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne vs Miss Tessmacher, Tara & Mickie James”

  1. pokemonjamster Says:

    cmon WWE look at TNA they make the knockouts look awsome..and WWE makes the divas look like girly girls…sad to say but WWE u better step it up

  2. jahkeem5 Says:

    is winter a lesbian?

  3. DivaThemesRule Says:

    Ahaha, iJust finished watching the Steel Cage match Tara & Mickie had during their huge feud
    & now looking @ this match is like WOW, their bff’s now ahah

  4. jahkeem5 Says:

    angelina is going to turn on winter at harcore justice she gonna turn her back on her and walk away

  5. jahkeem5 Says:

    angelina love is so ugly

  6. omac2001 Says:

    wow miss tess’s ass insane! Mickie too!! Angelina’s the hottest!!

  7. thebuckrogers22 Says:

    wow all i see r titties and ass up in this vid lol

  8. thebuckrogers22 Says:

    damn i love that booty move lol

  9. thebuckrogers22 Says:

    hmm angelina looks like she lost 100 pounds in the waist and it went in her titties wtf happen to her

  10. AnneKellazBlank Says:

    this has to be one of my favorite match in the knockouts division. i think the angelina & winter story has been a good storyline. i like it a lot. and it’s interesting to watch. but honestly, i love angelina & velvet better. i hope winter & velvet & angelina would just all be friends.

  11. FalledAgain Says:

    I love that the Knockouts have actually gimmicks. I’ve sooo missed seeing a female division with REAL gimmicks. In WWE faces smile and heels play (though badly) dirty.

  12. rashad1997 Says:

    LOL at the asstastic

  13. Crimsonite20 Says:

    exactlymjust being pretty aint enough anymore…but that may also be Creative’s fault since its obvious they dont have that much faith in the divas

  14. operations1000 Says:

    @Crimsonite20 which is boring lol and that’s all they’ve been there entire character development AT ALL. If you want people to pay attention to you you need some kinda gimmick, it’s been proven.

  15. eivellordsm2 Says:

    is it filiped for anyone else?

  16. jriley2008 Says:

    WWE needs to watch and take notes. 5 minute entrances on TNA but still was a 12 minute segment and a great one at that.

  17. Crimsonite20 Says:

    hey im all about makin an entrance but dont take too long, just sayin
    and yeah you have a point Kelly and Eve for example coming out is boring, but they have to characters, they are just themselves

  18. operations1000 Says:

    Best sell of Angelina’s new finisher yet from Mickie James, amazing!

  19. operations1000 Says:

    @Crimsonite20 God forbid TNA knockouts actually have gimmicks and personae unlike the WWE divas, of course the entrances are gonna take awhile they *ALWAYS* should, you’re too used to the divas coming out to the ring all normal in 3’s with 20 second theme songs :X

  20. wrestlingkid5669 Says:

    Mickie James is the Best Female Wrestler EVER!!! that is my opinion do not try to prove me wrong.

  21. LegendKillingChain Says:

    you can tell by the way Winter rolled Mickied up that she was gonna kick out

  22. Lucky31031999 Says:

    I just love the way angelina trys to put on an americain accent put her candian accent pulls through

  23. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @TorrieWilsonFan14 Mickie does have the best finisher of all time and she hasn’t done the move in years which is called the Long Kiss Goodnight 🙂

  24. rangerjm1 Says:


  25. fyeahashley Says:

    I girl-crush on Mickie James and

  26. Jose Aldo UFC Says:

    Jose ALdo rocks

  27. MMA Xtreme Says:

    Can you be an Xtreme fight champion?

  28. Wrestling News Says:

    I love wrestling 🙂