Tna Victory Road Angelina Love & Winter Vs Sarita & Rosita

Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Tna Victory Road Angelina Love & Winter Vs Sarita & Rosita”

  1. DaGaDaN95 Says:

    @ 8:17 Sarita’s fixing her panties

  2. vice6590 Says:

    @kerina3051 sarita is actually canadian lmao

  3. wwedude1987 Says:

    at 1:24 Earl says ”Wrong Camera” BOTCHAMANIAAAA 🙂

  4. kerina3051 Says:


  5. sassyscarlett Says:

    @Critdizzle lol he was telling her she was facing the wrong camera, not hard camera.

  6. alejandrogch1 Says:

    viva mexico y sarita y rosita

  7. MrDivalover1 Says:

    @operations1000 i agree rosita is small wrestler but she can wrestle and is okay looking. tna knockouts are great mickie james and victoria is also a plus for women’s division.

  8. operations1000 Says:

    The last time Angelina wasn’t ‘under the influence’

  9. operations1000 Says:

    @MrDivalover1 True, guess that’s all that matters…still, little too small IMO.

  10. Critdizzle Says:

    “Play the hard camera!” Smooth, ref. Real smooth.

  11. MrDivalover1 Says:

    @operations1000 yeah but unlike snookie rosita can wrestle and is not a loser.

  12. Bajan55 Says:

    @TheTnafan123 So is Velvet.

  13. eagle1oz Says:

    Rosita and Sarita are both the most absolute perfectly beautiful young ladies in every possible way. I’m so glad that the little perfectly beautiful angel Rosita got the pin and that Sarita and Rosita are the champions. The perfectly beautiful Angelina Love should be happy now that she don’t have to be with Winter no more

  14. LovableLittleRabbit Says:

    @AliciaFoxFan06 Velvet’s actually from Connecticut, It`s just her character that’s from New York, and I think he meant the Knockouts wrestling in the actual match.

  15. operations1000 Says:

    Rosita might be shorter than Snooki, didn’t think that was possible -.-

  16. AliciaFoxFan06 Says:

    @Maximum007 Velvet Is She Is From New York As Well!!

  17. RePoa18 Says:

    Tazz is so frekin funny!

  18. TheTnafan123 Says:

    @TheKARMACREW i know

  19. TheKARMACREW Says:

    i just watched tna winter has mind control powers freaky

  20. jason3maryse Says:

    @operations1000 they didnt c it that way

  21. AngelinaLoveFan333 Says:

    @operations1000 because she tried to get angelina on her side and go against velvet so angelina and winter can be a tag not angelina and velvet

  22. AngelinaLoveFan333 Says:

    @TheTnafan123 i think he meant the characters hometown

  23. 08richgal Says:

    rosita suck sooo bad i cn beat her ass….n winter cud have totally kicked outta dat pin

  24. therealwrestlingfan1 Says:

    did yall hear the ref tell them wrong camera

  25. SharpieGirl127 Says:

    All eyes on Angelina’s ring entrance, the entrance has never been better <3

  26. Karate Says:

    I love Karate

  27. Lenroy Thomas Says:

    I Love Lenroy Thomas