TNA Impact 4/14/11 Angelina Love Attacks Velvet Sky

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25 Responses to “TNA Impact 4/14/11 Angelina Love Attacks Velvet Sky”

  1. Emilie Neill Says:

    Beat the shit out of Angelna´╗┐

  2. trucking21 Says:

    I want to attack Velvet Sky in a steel cage match

  3. EllieGoulding01fanxoxo Says:

    I love Velvet Sky she is a great wrestler. She fights and wrestles really
    good. Velvet is one of my heros, idols and role models she is someone I can
    look up too. I love Winter and Angelina Love too they are great wrestlers
    and fight really well too. Winter and Angelina Love are one my heros, idols
    and role models as well. I wonder what Angelina Love and Winter are up to
    now? I miss them both I hope they both come back to TNA soon. Love you
    always and forever Velvet Sly, Winter and Angelina Love

  4. 19pletsch Says:

    @tommy2chips @tommy2chips tb pwere around long before Laycool, so Laycool
    copied their gimmick. the original bp were together(with Madison too) until
    Angelina was released and the group itself ran for a long time about three
    years. the girls have said it themselves they wanted to create a faction
    that was real and that’s what they did. that’s the difference between them
    and Laycool. I think it has been good to have them fight against each other
    different times and then have them reunite.

  5. 19pletsch Says:

    @tnadaffney who copied what?

  6. MiPiSxc Says:

    Taz’s commentary is a disrespectful to women’s wrestling since the 1st day.

  7. bengwenken Says:

    No one can pull off a storyline like Angelina

  8. Andrea McGeth Says:

    Angelina’s close-up was SEXY!!

  9. JennyD296 Says:

    she makes drink blood and she has a colar and gives her pills

  10. Astraldragon1 Says:

    I just enjoy the Wrestling matches themselves…But it’s Rare If I enjoy a
    storyline and this one was one of them I enjoyed it with Angelina and

  11. Philip Maffei Says:


  12. Philip Maffei Says:

    angelina love boobs look bigger than velvet sky does

  13. Philip Maffei Says:


  14. Philip Maffei Says:

    when do you think the undertaker is returning to wwe

  15. EJay FTD Baker Says:

    any1 else notice winter only blinked once

  16. Philip Maffei Says:


  17. 19pletsch Says:

    @operations1000 she didn’t look nervous to me…

  18. Philip Maffei Says:

    im sorry

  19. Philip Maffei Says:

    i have a question for u

  20. cyrus haughton Says:


  21. Avocado11 Says:

    Picking a fight with your drugged up friend. Not the best idea.

  22. lakebay972 Says:

    Angelina Love looks like a porn star

  23. Philip Maffei Says:

    i know they are fake

  24. Philip Maffei Says:

    can i ask u something personal

  25. stephanrow34 Says:

    @tnadaffney idk how she will be stopped