TNA Impact 11 18 10 Angelina Love vs Mickie James

Video Rating: 4 / five

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30 Responses to “TNA Impact 11 18 10 Angelina Love vs Mickie James”

  1. MrStunnanigga1 Says:

    they are trying 2 make angelina love the trish stratus of tna

  2. washu12 Says:

    mickie james more better-hotter in tna then when she was in wwe i hate the wwe-slowly tna as well.

  3. chrisgold451 Says:

    angelina is so skinny but shes not showing ribs either so i guess shes not to skinny

  4. mykicks2 Says:

    @LegendKillingChain who knows Angie sells stuff now perfectly yet can keep her face zombielike!! so cool!

    very ggood match it will be

  5. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @mykicks2 Mickie only weighs 120 Sarita is shorter than Mickie and sold the DDT better

  6. mykicks2 Says:

    @LegendKillingChain Mickie is kind of too heavy for Angelina since she got so small lol
    But did u see this week impact? Angelina did awesome against Mickie and WInter

  7. mykicks2 Says:

    @MickieLJamesfan19 DREAM MATCH man! =D

  8. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @MickieLJamesfan19 actually that match was gonna happen back in October but Kong got injured and they had her replaced by a woman that Mickie wrestled last year in a company but not under contract

  9. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @mykicks2 hopefully Angelina will sell Mickie’s DDT better tonight

  10. WrestlinqFan Says:

    Angelina Love x5 Knockouts Champ and Mickie James x5 Womens Champ! They are both awesome competiators!!

  11. MickieLJamesfan19 Says:

    Too bad Awesome Kong isn’t in Tna anymore. Mickie vs Kong would be a great match

  12. omac2001 Says:

    Mickies ass looks so huge next to angelina! Angelina is the skinniest and hottest diva hands down but mickies chunky butt should have just sat on her!

  13. mykicks2 Says:

    Angelina was hotter shes to slim for my taste now

    Mickie DAAAAAAAAMNNN! Thick n Yummy!!!!
    Fucken awesome match too! Mickie James is the best in TNA!!
    She will beat Zombielina once again =)

  14. MrJbatts2011 Says:

    @KurtKokaine1 She retired unfortunately =(

  15. KurtKokaine1 Says:

    @cod5bestplayer lol

  16. KurtKokaine1 Says:

    @MrJbatts2011 what happened to Taylor?

  17. JohnCena2011 Says:

    Trangelina Love.

  18. RKOyou Says:

    this match got good time, as it should have

  19. MrJbatts2011 Says:

    I wish that Taylor Wilde would have stayed in TNA. I wanted to see her in a match with Mickie James. That would have gone down in the history books! Thumbs up if you agree!

  20. cod5bestplayer Says:

    Angelina Love made an acount to dislike this video

  21. playmate0608 Says:

    @operations1000 Mickie’s actually a 6x champ!! she was divas champ as well..She’s MUCH BETTER THAN ANGELINA..but Angelina aite

  22. leeleelayla5 Says:

    @operations1000 mickie james is wwe 5 time women world champ and 1 time diva champ and on the independent circuit she a 10 time champion between 8 different company

  23. mikeparez Says:

    Loved Angelina’s outfit here

  24. AngelinaLoveFan333 Says:

    @operations1000 angelina is actually a 7 time champ if you count her title wins in WXW

  25. agvoerdict Says:

    Angeling used to be more exciting.

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