TNA Impact 10/21/10 Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Lacey Von Erich, Miss Tessmacher & Winter

Video clip Rating: five / 5

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21 Responses to “TNA Impact 10/21/10 Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Lacey Von Erich, Miss Tessmacher & Winter”

  1. TNAnWWEwrestling Says:

    It sounds like at 0:50 velvet says fn chances instaid of second chances! LMAO!!

  2. SonicX1212 Says:

    I hope Lacey comes back………….soon

  3. divineg305 Says:

    @Jaxionisnum2 Velvet needs to break the spell that Winter has on her

  4. velvetlove47 Says:

    @GetTheHook yea iliked how she said that lol

  5. NellieSueSue Says:

    Angelina being under winters “control” is really annoying me i hate it

  6. octasian Says:

    Lacey should have stayed, even though she can’t wrestle.

  7. XTheMvMonsterX Says:

    @Jaxionisnum2 as far as i know. yes they are planned to.

  8. Jaxionisnum2 Says:

    Why did Lacey have to go the beautiful people was perfect this way now velvet is solo while anglina is being drugged by winter ugh will the bps reunite again?!

  9. GetTheHook Says:

    Did anyone catch Angelina calling Velvet Talia?

    Loved this segment. They are all really good.

  10. CimplySiSi Says:

    Lmao “You can start my kissing my ass bitch!” I love Velvet (:

  11. nnnicky131 Says:

    i think lacey has been face the whole time. she just doesnt know it lol

  12. rchavis100 Says:

    I miss Lacey. What a laugh she was.

  13. Staceywwe40 Says:

    i felt srry for Miss Tessmacher.

  14. GoldenGangsta666 Says:

    I’d tap that that that and that and that too

  15. DARKMAMAS Says:

    damn winter needs to leave Angelina alone

  16. CHriSnWweDiVAs Says:

    1:06 awkward noise their lmao

  17. xoxoFrenchKissxoxo Says:

    @Vam999 you are so right lets go brooke!

  18. Vam999 Says:

    Brooke Adams is the HOTTEST Knock Out there!

    Shes sexy as fuck! Fuck those bitches hating on her…

  19. John Maes Boxing Says:

    John Maes = legend!

  20. Emelianenko MMA Says:

    I love Emelianenko

  21. Mauricio MMA Says:

    Shogun ua would smash Emelianenko’s brains out