Sonnen asked for a fight against Daniel Cormier

According to a recent report from the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, Light Heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier had mentioned that he would have loved to take on the challenge of either Anthony Johnson or Chael Sonnen at UFC 170, ever since the new broke that his opponent for the night Rashad Evans was forced to withdraw from the event with a knee injury.

According to Cormier, he would fight Johnson or even Sonnen in a heartbeat and not think twice about it, adding that he would fight any of those fighters. He said that if there was a fighter willing to take him on, he would take them on as well and then he would fight Evans at a later date and there wouldn’t be any problem with that.

Reports emerging from within the UFC indicate that Chael Sonnen himself threw his name in the ring following the withdrawal of Evans from the card for UFC 170.

However, the American Gangster is already booked to take on Wanderlei Silva later in May and is currently filming the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and the UFC didn’t want to pull him from those duties and pit him against DC.

Cormier admitted that it would be difficult to find someone on such short notice, adding that he recently saw Chael Sonnen asking for a bout with him, and he is okay with that. He also added that Anthony Johnson fought a couple of weeks back and so he would be in good shape to fight. He also added that if there was a fight at Heavyweight he would love to fight at Heavyweight as well.

But now, it has emerged that DC will get a fight against Patrick Cummins instead of Chael Sonnen or Anthony Johnson at UFC 170.


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