Sarita, Rosita & Hernandez vs Angelina Love, Winter & Matt Morgan

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25 Responses to “Sarita, Rosita & Hernandez vs Angelina Love, Winter & Matt Morgan”

  1. esmerperez03 Says:

    @vanitieswhorex she is

  2. esmerperez03 Says:

    there all mexican

  3. TatanSeb1 Says:

    @TatanSeb1 melina lmao

  4. TatanSeb1 Says:

    Its like mnm except now hernandez is molina…………

  5. mrsnooki12 Says:

    hernandez is hot

  6. uayfb1 Says:

    @vanitieswhorex Yes, she is Canadian born, but she could have been of Mexican descent. I think (not sure) she spent a very loing time in Mexico & now lives there.

  7. 1996DFS Says:

    salians was better with the mexican people!!!!

  8. TheMelina1100 Says:

    Winter always leads Angelina Love to victory I love the team of Wint-alina =P

  9. LilHubyCityBoy Says:

    Rosita is from New york she is the brookyln girls she dont play she beat the crap out of u

  10. momo0rme Says:

    @vanitieswhorex Rosita Is From New York, Hernendez Is From Texas And Anarchia (That Man In The End With The Black Shirt) Is from California =)

  11. cena1051306 Says:

    @vanitieswhorex rosita is amercain not mexican

  12. MarsyseKellyMccool Says:

    Ilove katie leas theme…imean winter lmao 😛

  13. cena1051306 Says:

    @vanitieswhorex yes she is her background are mexican

  14. kiarrah0099 Says:

    @nhlalwenhlezondo uhhh the screen and stuff is put backwards

  15. xochitl803130 Says:

    No me gustan las luchas de aki porque nos hacen ver a los mexicanos como tramposos y cobardes y no lo somos porque no ponen a Verdaderos Luchadores de MEXICO EHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  16. vanitieswhorex Says:

    @TheMile816v2 well you’re a nigger

  17. xiCathyMVzx Says:

    @TheMile816v2 I don’t know who this “her” is because Alex is a boy. and NO! I am not defending him like I was his mom, I didn’t say it in a mean or pshyco way.

  18. TheMile816v2 Says:

    @xiCathyMVzx once again i was stating facts. im pretty sure no one else knew it was a joke (IF it was) because theres no indication so it was dumb to legitimately agree with that when what i said is pretty much common sense. just because i said that dont mean i need to chill nobodys mad. never was. you on the other hand are trying to defend her like you’re her mom. so again YOU should chill. not even trying to argue

  19. xiCathyMVzx Says:

    @TheMile816v2 “damn!” is my catch frazee when there is a lot going on for only 1 thing. & no I don’t need to chill because I didn’t say, ” just how seriously DUMB are the people who thumbed you up ?” cause it was just some simple joke Alex said. so I don’t need to chill:) so thanks.

  20. TheMile816v2 Says:

    @xiCathyMVzx maybe you’re the one who needs to chill. you’re getting worked up for nothing going “DAMMNN!” and “jeezz” like someone is trashing her life for it. i just stated the fact

  21. xiCathyMVzx Says:

    @TheMile816v2 DAMN! you guys have to chill. I thing Alex(aka vanitieswhorex) knew she was really mexican from Canada. -jeez.

  22. TheMile816v2 Says:

    @vanitieswhorex just how seriously DUMB are the people who thumbed you up ? just because sarita is from canada doesnt mean shes not mexican. she was born who she is and where she was born doesnt change her race. your logic is like saying because a african was born in china it doesnt make him black

  23. diemondcutter Says:

    Winter and Rosita. Oh yeah Perverted status

  24. edithmqz91 Says:

    god so fake the end,

  25. crazysuperstar890 Says:

    @MissJessieDynamite lmao i know right!?