Mickie James vs. Angelina Love

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28 Responses to “Mickie James vs. Angelina Love”

  1. 070292 Says:

    Angelina is and always will be the better wrestler.

  2. tnadaffney Says:

    Love MICKIE! Angelina would be hotter if she didnt have alll those tattoes

  3. DeadmanInc336 Says:


    By the way…that is also supported by the fact that the WWE now gets pissed off and throws a hissy fit whenever you call them a wrestling company rather than a “global media entertainment company” and call their “superstars” wrestlers. That is how low the WWE has stooped and how much they’ve sold out to Hollywood. WWE has been doing everything in it’s power to distance and isolate themselves from the pro-wrestling industry bit by bit for the past few years.

  4. DeadmanInc336 Says:


    Are you kidding me? Beth and Gail are the only ones who can wrestle. Every other female in WWE is a talentless plastic bimbo. As for Awesome Kong, you damn well know that she is going to be a circus act. WWE doesn’t want wrestlers or athletes anymore. They want models, playboy bunnies, bodybuilders, movie stars, ect. In the case of the WWE Divas, they don’t want talented female wrestlers. They want models. The WWE Divas sole purpose now is to look good. Plain and simple.

  5. Rox1324 Says:

    I LOVE Mickie But I Gotta Say I Like Angelina Love Better! :]

  6. ally2001able Says:

    shut up her attire looks good

  7. DivaDefiningBeauty Says:

    @thecalvinkid The WWE has great talent i.e. Beth, Melina, Natalya, Gail, Michelle, Layla, Nikki, & Brie and soon Awesome Kong. The problem is not the current roster the problem is creative for giving them such crap booking.

  8. yancyPELOSI Says:


  9. thepeopleschamp1983 Says:

    like always tna puts over former wwe stars/divas over there own!

  10. MegaRazvi Says:

    why do they ring the bell so many times ? isn’t 3 enough ?

  11. victorspell1 Says:

    At the beginning of 2010, i’m sick of watchin’ the bullshit in the WWE PG. So here i am, with TNA, TV-14 style!

  12. 900446 Says:

    Ok, I’ll admit: TNA has talent for making matches for their Knockouts, but WWE has some gorgeous women 🙂 If WWE and TNA were to team up and work together, they’d make a hell of a show!

  13. mariodevincenzi Says:

    better than all matches of WWE recently

  14. omac2001 Says:

    mickie’s butt is so juicy!

  15. Shawnfangirl09 Says:

    @Shawnfangirl09 It might turn out that way he does not do anything with the womens division

  16. PrincessRabbitTV Says:

    @Shawnfangirl09 All of the good WWE Divas like Beth, Gail, Natalya and everyone should go to TNA and let WWE’s Diva Division rot, stupid Vince for fucking things up for women wrestlers.

  17. sultrygod10 Says:

    @ForeverMickieFan Argh, Laycool is a hemorroid and I want it popped out! lol

    Yeah, but I base this on their performance and TBP does a way better job than the others for sure. Its like, no comparison there.

  18. ForeverMickieFan Says:

    @sultrygod10 im not saying the do or didnt do a better job im jst saying you cant really critasize Laycool (as much as i find them irratating and annoying) for it
    I like TBP and i dnt care tht they copied vinces devils but its the way they act about laycool copying them its not as if vinces devils made a big fucking deal out of TBP copying them sooo….

  19. sultrygod10 Says:

    @ForeverMickieFan psh, Vince’s Devils was a joke, and I was so thankful it was discontinued cuz it was really getting on my nerves. At least TBP does a better job!

  20. marrquel2 Says:

    Looks like love turning heel then the original heel beautiful people mite be reunion Madison being their sidekick

  21. Shawnfangirl09 Says:

    I am 100% a WWE fan and I like TNA ,so I’m on both sides but I have to tell the truth right now and its that the knockouts are way better then the divas right now. Sorry its the truth ( I also like ROH)

  22. ForeverMickieFan Says:

    @CEAchick TBP are a ripp off of Vinces Devils!

  23. NKJ0NN1B0Y Says:

    @CEAchick Um, no. In a sense, Lay-Cool & TBP cannot be compared. While the are both women factions, niether really correlate w/ the other. TBP are about being hot while Lay-Cool are about being bullies. Any how though, if you have watched both WWE & TNA, TNA rips off WWE in the 1st place (regardless of which you think is better). To add, Vince’s Devils made their appeareance long before TBP & are the ORIGINAL TBP. ;P

  24. jillfan1 Says:

    @TeamLayCool hello maybe they had nothing for her? duh? they fire the talented ones over the models oh i care less about (supposevely) you knowing Brooke if that were the case thats her eopinion maybe your just disliking her for rumours lol oh my someones angry no need to curse its the truth you can’t handle it as far as i see well you should say that too respect the fact that Angelina isnt a barbie doll ahh take a chill pill you need growing up

  25. jillfan1 Says:

    @TeamLayCool Yes i can amy has nothing to do this please for the skae of this just shutup your irritatting and immature pathetic

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