Mickie James, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Angelina Love (Part 1)

Video clip Score: four / five

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24 Responses to “Mickie James, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Angelina Love (Part 1)”

  1. paulriley31189 Says:

    scott: if u could have sex with anyone in the locker room who would it be
    mickie: we r pg 13 here
    me:i dont give a fuck anwser my question

  2. NatalyaCousland Says:

    “Can I win?”
    “Not eligible”

  3. killerband155 Says:

    all the sexual innuendos towards Mickie James from Steiner & Bully Ray, lol

  4. flyboymitsu Says:

    Bully Ray breaks character so friggin’ often during this Spin Cycle!

  5. bigstick012 Says:

    lmfao “we want devon and he pulls up his shades”

  6. pricelessteddibiase1 Says:

    bully ray did u jus touch my ass

  7. Moredread25 Says:

    I want more Scott Steiner.

  8. warcraft3inmymind Says:

    bully ray is epic xD

  9. The1ManMafia96 Says:

    Lmao Steiner “I’ve been with over 20,000 women” 3:48

  10. mykicks2 Says:

    ManI dont like Bubba

  11. DominoRyder Says:

    This video is going to be Exhibit A in the massive sexual harassment lawsuit TNA gets

  12. MaliaLust Says:

    Lol Bubba

  13. mrjasonsauvey Says:

    bully ray!!!!!!!!!

  14. mrjasonsauvey Says:

    bully ray!!!!!!!!!

  15. michelle1750 Says:

    lol Angelina calling him Bubba. Botchamania 183?

  16. HKxmods Says:

    Bully Ray is halarious!

  17. KEEMUNO Says:

    “I got all the most points” LMAO

  18. 1995DLB Says:

    JB: We Are Going Back To The UK
    Steiner and Bully Ray: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hahahahahahaha LMFAOOOO!!!!!

  19. kalai131 Says:

    dang you can tell what arm Bubba Ray jacks off to in the end of the video, talk about disproportinate arms.

  20. kalai131 Says:

    @GoldenGangsta666 100% of the time, the people who ask such questions are the ones who never got laid.

  21. HydraSX Says:

    Angelina looks like hell.

  22. 2007pepsilover Says:

    Oh these things are so fuckin funny 🙂

  23. highlandcelt1 Says:

    @kob456 I don’t think both Bully Ray and Steiner have to do much acting when it comes to being arrogant arseholes, from what I hear, they are both like that for real, so there’d be no reason for them to break character, because that is their character, being real, arrogant arseholes! All of the UK including Scotland sucks, not just England and I’m Celtic so I can say that but this is good coming from a man who’s country is broke, am just to evening out the mud slinging here!

  24. Huw312 Says:

    I don’t know why the let Bully Ray on the Spin Cycle *Facepalm*