Chasing Shadows – Angelina Love MV

Movie Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Chasing Shadows – Angelina Love MV”

  1. DaBossx07 Says:

    still one of my fave mvs tbh

  2. Lita678 Says:

    this is freakin amazingly hott riley omfg i love the effects and song!!!!

  3. xRKOenigma Says:

    this is so original. & amazing. <3

  4. chevproductionz Says:

    WTF these views are shit.

  5. CursedMilkshake Says:

    That was so awesome Riley, syncing was amazing as always, and I LOVED LOVED
    the coloring and that glow effect in the corners in the slow parts, it
    looked really great. The borders in the chorus part were ok, I thought it
    would’ve been better without the red borders on the left and right, but
    that’s just cause I’m not a fan of those, ever xd

  6. DropDeadMvs Says:

    offt riley this is fucking impressive boy this should be nominated for best
    angelina love mv of 2010 wooft this really took my breath you impressed me
    with your different borders you did the first ones were my fav though but
    once again this is hot riley ! this is just wow love…you really have alot
    talent for what you do here on youtube and congradulation on making in Cult
    you well deserve it but everything about this is just wow you should be
    proud you must inspire alot off people here on yt.

  7. JakiloxMv Says:

    cady i love this

  8. SharpShooterx9 Says:

    Wow Riley. This is fantastic.Love it 😀

  9. MaRySeFaN01 Says:

    love it

  10. vanitieswhorex Says:

    deserves more viewss

  11. BrendaLishx Says:

    the beginning blew me away. < 3 I was soo right when I knew you would be an amazing editor! great job riley! can't wait for next year & see how much you improve even more. 😀

  12. MementoMori54 Says:

    Wow…just, wow.

  13. Josh2393LY Says:

    Hot job Riley! loved the fx and sync was on point! ;p

  14. jakeexxmvs P Says:

    You’re officially my favorite MV maker.

  15. xAliMvs Says:

    Oh My gosh Riley this ia my absolute favorite from you Im almost speechless
    that was an awesome mv hun I wanna cry it so good … well not really cry
    but you get what i mean faves n features

  16. MaccaLovesDivas Says:

    The beginning was amazing! Loved it Riley 😉 Best yet

  17. mttyler Says:

    Brilliant prob my fav Angelina Love tribute

  18. jordanmvsx Says:

    This is awesome Riley! You’re improving so much with every mv, and this is
    so great! The syncing was on spot, the effects were different, yet still
    cool. I also like the clip choices with the back and forth heel and face
    clips. Nice job!

  19. amare135 Says:

    how underrated.

  20. fanOfEveryThink8 Says:

    Pillar<3 mine song <3 lol ,mine heel Angelina <3 riley you are so amazing <3

  21. amare135 Says:


  22. YourBetrayalx3 Says:

    @iamthegame09 It’s Pillar. =)

  23. ScreamoInc Says:

    hoot beginning hoot middle hoot end hoot fx hoot song

  24. vanitieswhorex Says:

    This was really good Angelina is kinds awkward to find clips of but you did
    it good. Sorrry about the borders i replied and said I would but MSN
    wouldnt send the message through it was so annoying, anyway those effects
    are hot ur scaring me xD

  25. chevproductionz Says:

    Inspiartaional, that is all I can say. WOW RIley this was beautiful, I love
    your work you have improved so much. you’re sunc was so simple but it was
    alway’s spot on, your effects were so hot, The first effects was very
    awesome, Really great borders, a nice song, and you use Angelina!!! <3
    ohmygod i want a dl plz <3 thank you for dedication.