Angelina & Winter Win the Title

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28 Responses to “Angelina & Winter Win the Title”

  1. IneedAbttrscreenname Says:


  2. ferrerj7 Says:

    Trish and Mickie TNA style

  3. AshleyDontGive Says:

    New mickie & trish. nuff said

  4. willygreviews Says:

    this is where all the crap started

  5. yoLeo2007 Says:

    Winter rockss !! Future Knockout Champion

  6. TheCandyM09 Says:

    I would love that game on PSP

  7. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @MichelleFan009 yes it’s Katie Lea and ironically,she pinned the person she had a tryout match with last summer

  8. GangstaMusic4Life Says:

    Mmm…that’s the hottie Katie Lea

  9. rchavis100 Says:

    Sarita on Thanksgiving night, Winter in the finals of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship Tournament, Mickie James in a Knockouts Fatal-4-Way. Madison is NOT going to have the Knockouts title on her come Lockdown.

  10. guizuxuezhe Says:

    2:10 is so hot, winter looks like angelina’s sex slave
    2:23 is hot as well
    Angelina: winter, get me my belt
    Winter: Yes master, your stuff has arrived
    Angelina: good job Winter, you’ll get your reward once TNA”s finished taping and we get to the dungeon
    Winter: Yeah, I love you

    Madison and Tara: i’m so jealous of them

  11. IRONMANFAN2008 Says:

    the future knockouts champion WINTER

  12. crazywwefan10 Says:

    1:21 through 1:24 winter is wiping her hair back and forth lol

  13. BlueLightning48 Says:

    Tara got low blowed! 🙁

  14. bkwrmrokr23 Says:

    2:37 tara’s face lol 🙂

  15. customtronswf Says:


  16. MichelleFan009 Says:

    Winter ? Isnt she katie lea burchill ?

  17. lovablealex5000 Says:

    Poor Tara

  18. tripod1671 Says:

    winter is a crazy bitch lol xxxxx

  19. victoria9355 Says:

    TNA Tag team title should be TARA AND WINTER


  20. rubino83 Says:

    Aw, I was hoping for a match where they’d still do the noone-can-see-her shtick. Now that would’ve been quality television.

  21. mk4013 Says:

    mickie and trish storyline is back
    woohooo lesbian kisses FTW

  22. LegendKillingChain Says:

    @tysontwenty it was last the spoilers,it said she wrestled & beat Sarita with the move she used on Madison in this video but had to do it twice because she or they screwed up the first time

  23. tysontwenty Says:

    @LegendKillingChain when was this, Winter hasn’t wrestled her on xplosion so how can she have messed it up, if she has where is the match? send me a link.

  24. DanielClicbd Says:

    where is this match????


    Once Again TNA Is Bringing Back WWE’s Stories That Took Place Almost Ten Years Ago.

  26. Maes MMA Says:

    What does John Maes say about this?

  27. Emelianenko MMA Says:

    Emelianenko rocks!

  28. Mauricio Rua Says:

    First! 🙂