Angelina Love & Winter – It’s All About UsMV.

Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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20 Responses to “Angelina Love & Winter – It’s All About UsMV.”

  1. laRosaMendesV2 Says:

    wow! ….im speechless this is totally awesome!! fave+like and i jsut love
    it,you captured the whole story perfectly

  2. Russian Nugget Says:

    0:36 godness ;O awesome video! WinGelina ftw <3

  3. Prince William Says:

    I remember when I used to listen to this song ALL DAY D: But this is really
    AMAZING 😀 Im in love .Great Job 🙂

  4. yali14 Says:

    This is amazing!! Absolutely perfect!!

  5. xxxTwilightAxelxxx Says:

    I hate winter so much but I like this so 5/5 favs 🙂 hopefully angelina
    will finally kick winters butt and reunite with velvet

  6. mherbison531 Says:

    I utterly love these two. The gunshot and her screaming part was very well

  7. Ashley Kennedy Says:


  8. iNXT14 Says:

    i love this<3 definately your best<3 faved!

  9. twistedsisterx Says:

    TATU. <33 loved the mv. <3

  10. Aquila Butler Says:


  11. KimiWebmiss Says:

    Just so epic OH MY GOSH !!!! IMIDIATLY FAVED

  12. Ashley Kennedyitsme Says:

    how about daffany do that to velvet. let velvet become a zombie..

  13. xDashingCRLoverx Says:

    loved this It was just too amazing xD

  14. BenxXROCKS Says:

    this was great. i just dont like the angle of the video

  15. Ashley Kennedy Says:

    Sorry to say this guy’s! But I think the The beautiful are OVER :'( All
    because of winter!

  16. MissMariannamvs Says:

    wow! this is epic<3 i loved it 😀

  17. sphyco4everMV Says:

    this is so amazing, i love it

  18. XRebelxQueenX Says:

    haha this song goes good with them 😀 You did an Extraordinary Job Damn
    Your improving So Much!<3

  19. KaitlynMvs Says:


  20. TheDivasZone Says: