Angelina Love vs. Rosita

Video Rating: four / 5

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27 Responses to “Angelina Love vs. Rosita”

  1. lildwayne21 Says:

    That modified reverse DDT was sick. Angelina love is such a great wrestler

  2. mykicks2 Says:

    Lol poor Knockouts…its DEAD in there smh…
    Knockouts seen better days

  3. talkingtechwithmike Says:

    @Koolio2469 shut up asswipe and oh ya i see my self everyday i look good and my gf thinks so

  4. mhc12k Says:

    @Crimsonite20 yep. This used to be Erick Watts theme back in 04

  5. Sarahluvwwetna2011 Says:

    at 1:05 the ref is checking out velvet’s ass

  6. Traymonify13 Says:

    wtf is xplosion always so dark

  7. Koolio2469 Says:

    @talkingtechwithmike lol have you seen yourself.. sort your life out. Who cares if women have plasic surgery? they put their bodies on the line with every match they take part it, you just see pretty girls and asume their ‘sluts’, please learn to know the women before you judge. And fag? really… nice vocabulary.

  8. talkingtechwithmike Says:

    @Koolio2469 u first fag n trust me women in wrestling all fake tits n surgery

  9. Koolio2469 Says:

    @talkingtechwithmike yeah because you know these women.. get a life.

  10. JaKaTaK14 Says:

    @hettee Don’t ask me ask TNA, why is it that Sarita/Taylor/Hamada used to be the most exciting things about the KO division yet they’ve let go 1/3 the other left because she was unhappy with the direction (who can blame her) and Sarita’s moveset has been cut in half?

  11. hettee Says:

    @JaKaTaK14 Why does Rosita have to be a face to use highflying moves? Drunk ass jeff hardy is heel and he does highflying moves when hes not stumbling around the ring like an idiot

  12. Crimsonite20 Says:

    is this Goldy Locks ?

  13. JaKaTaK14 Says:

    @hettee Yes but Rosita has to be face to use her high flying moves and Angelina is a very dull babyface, tna need to turn her heel soon as…

  14. soshiderek Says:

    this was a nice match. they told a great story from start to finish. but not a fan of this new Xplosion format where they just show recaps of Impact. go back to featuring 3 matches!!

  15. Jakeexmvs Says:

    @talkingtechwithmike lmao calling me a fag, isn’t an insult. You’re so fucking stupid and you’re probaly a nerd with all your ‘tech’ talking, haa.

  16. talkingtechwithmike Says:

    @Jakeexmvs and your a fag its true

  17. MrLladdwr Says:

    Velvet Skye is a terrible babyface. I really hope The beautiful People turn heel or something soon.

  18. OJMcG Says:

    I am loving Rosita’s theme!

    Plus she has curves in all the right places… She is SMOKING HOT!!! XD

  19. Jakeexmvs Says:

    @talkingtechwithmike You’re retarded.

  20. talkingtechwithmike Says:

    sluts with fake boobs lol

  21. jillfan1 Says:

    LOL AT SARITA umm oh 3:24-3:26? LOL at Sarita @ Earl Hebner”im gone im gone! sorry” for interfeing LMFAO hahah okay match

  22. 1stboondockfan Says:

    Sarita looked like someone from Mortal Kombat at 6:54 and Rosita looks like
    Trish Stratus.

  23. hettee Says:

    @JaKaTaK14 angelina doesnt have to be a heel for rosita to use her high flying moves?

  24. JaKaTaK14 Says:

    Could have been better if Angelina was ht eheel so that Rosita could use her high flying moves

  25. nolove85es Says:

    rositas theme song is pretty good

  26. MMA Seo Says:

    MMA rocks

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