Angelina Love return tron (with new theme)

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28 Responses to “Angelina Love return tron (with new theme)”

  1. rocker316ify Says:

    That’s my next Wife right there!

  2. BloodXtremeFigures Says:

    have she got a Sā‚¬X Video šŸ˜›
    Because at 0:20 she shake her ass like a p0rnstar šŸ˜›

  3. morais691alexandre Says:

    Hey look, its Pirate Hooker!

  4. morais691alexandre Says:

    @MrDivalover1 LOL. Thats hilarious. TNA’s women division couldnt wrestle if their lives dependent on it ( With the notable excpetion of Hamada) And Lacey Von Eric may very well be the absolute worst wrestler in the business today, I havent seen anything quite as bad since Giant Gonzales.

  5. arkim123 Says:

    Check out my Angelina Theme Song video..Real Theme + Download link

  6. arkim123 Says:

    Check out my Angelina Theme Song video..Real Theme + Download link

  7. 2013MrTrey Says:

    Download link?

  8. DeadmanInc336 Says:

    She honestly has the best and hottest body out of any other TNA Knockout and out of all the WWE Divas.

  9. JaKaTaK14 Says:

    I prefer angelina as heel but she does face well too

  10. SydneyRoosters101 Says:

    INstrumental version of “Papercut” by Linkin Park

  11. mccool75 Says:

    i think ever since lita and trich left wwe divas suk

  12. SheerClimax Says:

    My prong is bleeding!

  13. Tna2oo8 Says:

    i hated angelina love but now i love her

  14. KingDavid013 Says:


  15. MrDivalover1 Says:

    The tna knockout is a real women wrestling divison they have looks and wrestling talent something i can’t say with wwe dead since 2006 divison!

  16. PhotoMedia12 Says:

    Her New Theme Sounds Kinda Like Skillet – Hero (Instrumental)

  17. beyonceismine1994 Says:


  18. wwefan9549 Says:

    ulead video studio

  19. angelofcalamity980 Says:

    @wwefan9549 what program do you use to make this tron

  20. legacyandcena Says:


  21. wwefan9549 Says:

    you ask if you want

  22. NKJ0NN1B0Y Says:

    Simply AMAZING! ;D

  23. angelofcalamity980 Says:

    nice tron and nice song for it papercut is awesome can i ask u somethin?

  24. TheRockFan100 Says:

    sooo Hot & Cool vid thx

  25. wwedanny101 Says:

    i love this angelina rocks im so happy she is back

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