Angelina Love backstage with Zoravar

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5 Responses to “Angelina Love backstage with Zoravar”

  1. Hershy Neidhart Twin 2 Says:

    angelina picked romeo yes !!!!!

  2. I'm a raccoon Says:

    why do I got the feeling that Angie is gonna pick zoravar… xD

  3. velvetlove47 Says:

    for real lol i dont know how popular romeo is in ring ka king but its
    looking like he might be getting a big heel turn

  4. toristarsilver Says:

    zoravar reminds me of hornswoggle and angelina love reminds me of maryse

  5. tauras88d Says:

    oh man chaddy you knew angie was going to slay me @ 1:30 i have never seen
    her so passionate sweeeeeet! this is getting thick now and too heart
    wrenching for me .lol , well at first zoravar was just cute bouncy and
    funny to watch running around but now he is a little charmer thats bringing
    the pressure and drawing angie in big time, his little heart holds the love
    of 10 men for angie and thats plucking her heart strings big time. …I”M