Angelina Love Back In TNA

Impact wrestling results are out with Josh Mathews and JB are revealing who are on their respective teams.

Previously it was seen that LAX had become the winner in the Impact World Tag Team Championship where he defeated Garza Jr., Laredo Kid, Decay and Reno Scum. In the show recap, it was shown how Eli Drake was able to secure a win over Caleb Konley. Davey Richards was part of this event and was found to be making out with Angelina Love. They were interrupted by an interview guy and in the interview Richards stated that he was looking to defeat Eddie Edwards. The brawl then moved into the stands. Edwards tried to get the crowd to stand by him, but Richards then crushed him into the nearby garbage cans. Meanwhile Alisha, Edwards’ wife stood by to cheer him on while Love also stood by to pass a steel chain to Richards.

On the ringside Alisha and Love were found to be engaged in a brawl that added to the excitement of the event. The brawl ended by Love knocking out Alisha and she then decided to move into the ring. Love then held Edwards while Richards wrapped the chain around one of his legs. Love urged him on and Richards kicked him on the side of the head to be the final winner.

The appearance of Angelina Love many excited the fans as did the earlier news in January that Love, a former TNA champion, was coming back. News was that she was coming back to the wrestling company that is currently in an unsettled form. She then agreed to the tapings at Universal Studios, which has been part of her recent assignments. Here’s hoping to see more of her in the coming months with some exciting duels.


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